Responsible, Efficient Well Cleanup Strategies

With an increasing focus on sustainability, responsible use of the earth’s resources, and leaving well sites in good condition once operations have concluded, it is more important than ever before for oil and gas companies to invest in high quality well cleanup strategies. From the initial creation of a well through production to the final cleaning of the wellbore as part of closing the site, cleaning is an integral part of keeping the site producing well and safe for those who work on it.

21st Century Energy Solutions is proud to partner with companies to make their well cleanup operations not only highly effective, but also simpler and greener than ever before. With anolyte and catholyte solutions proven to solve some of this phase’s most troublesome issues, 21st Century Energy Solutions is an ideal ally for environmentally conscious production companies.

Focus Areas in Well Cleanup

While well cleanup includes a range of different specific tasks, 21st Century Energy Solutions products fit well in a number of them as supplemental fluids that enhance and accelerate the process.

We supply two different fluids, each with a unique molecular makeup and a unique set of applications within the oil and gas industry. Our partners throughout the US have found these different applications to be very successful in improving safety for employees at the site. It also keeps harmful bacteria from contaminating tools, product, and the atmosphere and it increases the purity and amount of crude extracted from wells.


Hydrolyte® in Well Cleanup


During the well cleanup phase, Hydrolyte fills an important role in killing harmful bacteria. The primary application of Hydrolyte in oil and gas contexts is to quickly eradicate the bacteria that are responsible for producing hydrogen sulfide, a deadly gas that commonly creates health hazards for workers at well sites.

In addition to respiratory problems, hydrogen sulfide also contaminates drilling equipment, reducing its service life and efficiency. By using Hydrolyte liberally during well cleanup and throughout the drilling process, site managers can keep hydrogen sulfide gas emissions controlled and maintain a safer, more efficient work environment

Super-Catholyte in Well Cleanup

Super-Catholyte is quickly gaining widespread use in the oil and gas industry due to its high level of effectiveness in disrupting surface tension of connate water. In the secondary and tertiary oil recovery phases, well managers use this fluid from 21st Century Energy Solutions to maximize the amount of crude accessible to drilling and hydraulic fracturing. During well cleanup, Super-Catholyte is also a valuable addition to drilling fluids for increasing the amount of debris lifted to the surface.


Addition of Product to Drilling Fluids


There are several different specific applications within well cleanup in which Hydrolyte and Super-Catholyte play important roles.

  • Drilling mud, injected through the drill bit for lubrication, can be supplemented with Hydrolyte. This process ensures that the hypochlorous acid contained in Hydrolyte attacks bacteria downhole, killing cells before they can emit hydrogen sulfide gas and create risks for humans and equipment.
  • 21st Century Energy Solutions has seen great success in applying Hydrolyte to the various components of the well  leading up to completion of a wellbore. In combination with Super-Catholyte, the anolyte solution greatly improves the quality of the wellbore and leaves it free of contaminating microorganisms.
  • Due to its efficiency in breaking up surface tension of connate water, Super-Catholyte is a powerful addition to drilling muds. During drilling, the fluid makes the process far more effective in bringing more and higher quality debris to the surface.
  • Above ground, Hydrolyte is used to treat drilling equipment and to kill bacteria left on surfaces of various kinds, discouraging the additional production of hydrogen sulfide gas.
  • Additionally, Hydrolyte kills a range of other pathogens and is an ideal disinfectant for use in dining, living, and other common areas.

Why Choose 21st Century Energy Solutions?

Power and sustainability do not often appear as tandem advantages of a product in the oil and gas industry. However, both Hydrolyte and Super-Catholyte are entirely safe for the environment and require no special PPE on the part of workers during use. They produce no VOCs or harmful fumes, and they cause no damage to the environment above or below the surface.


At the same time, these fluids accomplish important supplemental tasks for the drilling process with surprising efficiency and power. Removing hydrogen sulfide from the equation is a critical step for well sites, preserving the health of employees and preventing the corrosion of drill equipment. And using Super-Catholyte to enhance oil recovery is part of dramatically increasing the percentage of crude that can be extracted from a given site with better purity and market value.