Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) Services by 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc.


21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. is a leading enhanced oil recovery services company that aim to increase the efficiency and profitability of your well. Our team of experienced professionals uses state-of-the-art techniques and technologies, including tertiary oil recovery and surfactants in the oil and gas industry, to unlock the full potential of your site. We offer customized enhanced oil recovery solutions to suit your specific needs and work closely with you to maximize your return on investment. Contact us today to learn more about our support for enhanced oil recovery and how we can help you achieve your oil recovery goals. We look forward to informing you about our enhanced oil recovery solutions and how we can assist you.

Maximize Your Oil Production with Innovative Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology

he purity and quality of crude oil is an obvious top consideration for oil production companies in the petroleum services industry, and enhanced oil recovery is an important practice for sites that look to maximize the profit they can realize from each well. While there are many different techniques for EOR, the solutions available through 21st Century Energy Solutions, Inc. carry a number of critical advantages that make them ideal for production sites in the oil recovery services industry. These solutions reduce surface tension, kill harmful bacteria, and enhance health and safety conditions for employees at oil wells, all of which are incredibly beneficial for the oil production company at every level.

On-site generation allows site managers to make the production of surfactants in oil recovery even more streamlined than ever before. The on-site generation equipment available from 21st Century Energy Solutions, Inc.’s enhanced oil recovery technology makes it possible to produce OSG C 104 and Catholyte ZeroⓇ at or near the well at the time that it is required for use.

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Streamline Tertiary Oil Recovery with On-Site Generated Fluids

Tertiary Oil Recovery with On-Site Generated Fluids

Generating fluids on-site for tertiary recovery of oil and gas conveys important benefits in the areas of waste disposal and supply chain dependence, among others. With supply chain interruptions difficult to predict and seemingly more frequent as time goes on, eliminating the need to order, track inventory, and reorder critical fluids before stock runs out is a fantastic way to reduce risk. In addition, fluids generated on-site can be stored and transported using reusable containers, rather than delivered in disposable plastic containers that must be later disposed of. For an even more streamlined process, the on-site generation equipment itself can be moved where it is needed in order to produce fluids as close to each wellsite as possible.

Surfactants in oil recovery are all about making the most of the product available in a well, and on-site generation contributes to that goal by reducing the costs associated with producing the fluids needed to reduce the surface tension of treatment and connate water and kill the bacteria that hinder oil extraction in various ways.

Cost-Effective Tertiary Oil Recovery - An Environmentally Friendly Strategy

Environmental concerns are clearly a prominent topic in oil production, and particularly where it relates to tertiary recovery and using surfactant flooding in enhanced oil recovery.. Many practices have, either fairly or not, gained a negative perception among the public, and oil production companies often find themselves having to balance environmental protection with oil recovery effectiveness. With Catholyte Zero Ⓡ and OSG C 104, site managers can be confident that their tertiary recovery practices are entirely safe for the environment and do not introduce harmful chemicals to the ecosystem–or to the respiratory systems of the employees who work at the site every day.

Tertiary Oil Recovery - An Environmentally Friendly Strategy

Tertiary recovery using surfactant flooding is an environmentally friendly strategy, and the products from 21st Century Energy Solutions, Inc. are safe for the environment. They can be stored, used, and transported without special protocols such as the use of PPE or specialized containers. The convenience and simplicity of storing these fluids make them even more cost-effective for production companies. By using these environmentally friendly products in their EOR practices, companies can help to reduce their impact on the environment while still maximizing their site’s potential.

Top Benefits of Surfactants in Oil Recovery


Using biocides and surfactants in oil recovery is a way to maximize the efficiency of the oil extraction process, benefiting the bottom line as more product is acquired with greater purity at the well site. Not only does it increase the amount of crude oil that is pumped from the well itself, but treating H2S before the oil is sent for refining lowers refining costs. These measurable advantages begin with the use of effective surfactants. In oil and gas industry applications, our biocides kill bacteria at the point of extraction. Surfactants increase the amount of crude product that is able to be extracted, particularly during the secondary and tertiary recovery phases, by reducing surface tension of connate water downhole.

For an enhanced oil recovery company, safety for employees is the top priority. 21st Century Energy Solutions, Inc. is proud to offer cleaning and disinfecting products that not only increase profits for companies, but that also help workers enjoy a safe working environment. In all contexts, whether downhole during drilling, disinfecting equipment when not in use, or even in expanded applications such as disinfecting dining, food preparation, and common areas where workers gather, PCT’s biocide helps protect workers from a number of health threats.

Hydrogen sulfide gas is reduced through the elimination of the microbes that generate it, and this biocide kills the pathogens responsible for a long list of communicable diseases. Preventing the spread of these diseases among workers is a fantastic additional benefit, and with PCT’s on-site generation solutions, it is easier than ever before to accomplish.



The OSG C 104 biocide generated on site by 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. equipment is highly effective and proven against bacteria found in oil fields. This approach removes impurities at the well, reducing the need for additional processing to remove hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants.



Catholyte Zero, the secondary fluid generated by the on-site generation equipment, is used to reduce the surface tension of treatmment and connate water, allowing for additional oil recovery while bypassing the negative environmental effects of competing enhanced oil recovery techniques.



The expertise present within 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. is a powerful partner for oil production companies that are searching for the most effective and efficient method of tertiary oil recovery. Our team looks forward to working with you to maximize your oil quality and sale margins.