Advancing Oil Recovery with 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc.


Unlock the full potential of your oil wells with our Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) services. Our cutting-edge techniques, including catholyte injection, redefine efficiency, ensuring your well yields maximum returns. Read on to discover how our customized solutions, on-site generation, and environmentally friendly practices elevate your oil recovery game.

The Science Behind Enhanced Oil Recovery Technology

Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) is a crucial practice for maximizing profits in the petroleum industry. Our solutions go beyond conventional methods, reducing surface tension, eliminating harmful bacteria, and enhancing health and safety conditions. Explore how our technology improves oil purity, equipment longevity, and employee well-being, setting new standards in oil production.

enhanced oil recovery

On-Site Fluid Generation for Streamlined Tertiary Oil Recovery

Tertiary Oil Recovery with On-Site Generated Fluids

Discover the advantages of on-site fluid generation in tertiary oil recovery. Eliminate supply chain risks, reduce waste, and enhance cost-effectiveness by producing critical fluids near the well when needed. Learn how our on-site generation equipment simplifies the process, making it efficient, environmentally friendly, and adaptable to the dynamic needs of oil production.

Environmentally Friendly Tertiary Oil Recovery Practices

Environmental responsibility meets cost-effective tertiary oil recovery. Our solutions, Catholyte ZeroⓇ and OSG C 104, assure safe practices for both the environment and your workforce. Dive into how these eco-friendly products reduce environmental impact, provide cost-effective storage, and simplify the overall oil recovery process.

Tertiary Oil Recovery - An Environmentally Friendly Strategy

Surfactants in Oil Recovery: Maximizing Efficiency


Explore the top benefits of using biocides and surfactants in oil recovery. Increase crude oil extraction, lower refining costs, and enhance safety. Our solutions not only maximize profits but also ensure a safe working environment for your employees. Delve into how our biocide solutions protect workers, reduce health threats, and streamline oil extraction.

Incorporating Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) techniques, such as catholyte injection, brings a revolutionary shift to the oil and gas industry. This advanced technology improves oil wettability, facilitating better flow, and avoids damage to the well bore. Additionally, catholyte enhances the Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) process without harming well heads or associated equipment.

21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. is at the forefront of this transformative approach. Our commitment to efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility sets us apart in providing top-notch Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) services. Injecting catholyte into oil wells becomes a game-changer, unlocking the true potential of your oil recovery endeavors.

As part of our Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) services, catholyte acts as a catalyst, freeing up the EOR process without compromising well integrity. Unlike traditional chemical processes, catholyte is designed to enhance oil recovery without causing damage to well heads or associated equipment. This results in a streamlined process that ensures both efficiency and safety in oil well operations.

In addition to our Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) services, we are proud to introduce our innovative catholyte technology, ensuring that your oil recovery processes are not only efficient but also environmentally friendly. The utilization of catholyte in Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) practices aligns with our commitment to responsible and sustainable oil extraction.

At 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc., our focus is not only on transforming the oil and gas industry but also on ensuring that these transformations are carried out in an environmentally conscious manner. The catholyte technology we employ is a testament to our dedication to providing cutting-edge solutions that prioritize both efficiency and environmental responsibility.

Revolutionizing Oil Recovery for a Sustainable Future

21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. stands at the forefront of the oil and gas industry’s evolution, offering innovative Enhanced Oil Recovery (EOR) services. From catholyte injection to on-site fluid generation, our solutions redefine efficiency, safety, and environmental responsibility. Contact us today to elevate your oil recovery practices and set a new standard for sustainability in the industry.



The OSG C 104 biocide generated on site by 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. equipment is highly effective and proven against bacteria found in oil fields. This approach removes impurities at the well, reducing the need for additional processing to remove hydrogen sulfide and other contaminants.



Catholyte Zero, the secondary fluid generated by the on-site generation equipment, is used to reduce the surface tension of treatmment and connate water, allowing for additional oil recovery while bypassing the negative environmental effects of competing enhanced oil recovery techniques.



The expertise present within 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. is a powerful partner for oil production companies that are searching for the most effective and efficient method of tertiary oil recovery. Our team looks forward to working with you to maximize your oil quality and sale margins.