FLUIDS (Hydrolyte & Super-Catholyte)



Electrifying Innovations: Anolyte and Catholyte Solutions Energize Oil & Gas Industry

In the dynamic realm of oil and gas operations, the synergy of Anolyte and Catholyte solutions, born from water electrolysis, emerges as a transformative force. Delve into the dual capabilities of these solutions, engineered by 21st Energy Solutions, as they combat bacteria, preserve well integrity, and revolutionize oil recovery.


Anolyte Solution: Defending Against Hydrogen Sulfide Threats


The water electrolysis process also produces a second fluid, which is a catholyte solution. The properties of this solution make it effective as a surfactant, which can be used in all contexts without health and safety concerns for human workers or the surrounding environment.

In the relentless pursuit of efficient oil extraction, the battle against hydrogen sulfide (H2S) takes center stage. Anolyte, a byproduct of water electrolysis and the foundation of Hydrolyte, emerges as a superhero against this formidable foe. With hypochlorous acid (HOCl) as its weapon, Hydrolyte adeptly penetrates cell walls of harmful bacteria, creating an eco-friendly and effective defense against microbes that generate H2S, thereby disrupting oil recovery processes.

Catholyte Solution: Surging Efficiency in Oil Recovery

Alongside Anolyte, the electrolysis process gives birth to Catholyte—a surfactant powerhouse known as Catholyte Zero in 21st Energy Solutions’ arsenal. Distinguished from Anolyte, Catholyte Zero assumes a pivotal role in secondary and tertiary oil recovery, disrupting the surface tension of connate water. This disruption becomes a catalyst for efficient oil extraction, reducing connate water and offering an environmentally friendly solution to enhance oil recovery.


Decoding the Chemistry: Anolyte vs. Catholyte


The molecular makeup of Anolyte and Catholyte imparts unique characteristics, making each solution invaluable for specific applications. While Catholyte, acting as a surfactant, excels in disrupting surface tension, Anolyte functions as a disinfectant, proficient in killing bacteria and pathogens. A comprehensive strategy for bacteria elimination and cleanliness ideally employs both solutions in different contexts, ensuring a holistic approach to oil and gas operations.

Safety First: Anolyte Solutions Guarding the Oil & Gas Industry

In the meticulous selection of disinfectants and biocides, the emphasis on effectiveness versus potential hazards is paramount. Hydrolyte rises to the forefront as a secure choice. It neither emits volatile organic compounds (VOCs) nor demands personal protective equipment (PPE). Its low toxicity, coupled with high effectiveness against bacteria, ensures a versatile and safe solution for oil and gas operations, fostering a culture of safety.


Safety and Efficiency with Catholyte Solutions


Catholyte Zero, mirroring Hydrolyte, boasts low toxicity, guaranteeing safety in surfactant applications. As environmental consciousness ascends in the oil and gas industry, Catholyte Zero stands as a surfactant that not only amplifies oil recovery but also contributes to reducing the usage of toxic chemicals on-site, aligning with the industry’s commitment to environmental stewardship.

Reasons to Choose Hydrolyte: A Comprehensive Overview

Oil and gas site managers across the nation are embracing Hydrolyte for H2S control and bacteria management. Here are compelling reasons to make HydrolyteⓇ the linchpin of your oil and gas operation:

  • Proven Effectiveness: Hydrolyte‘s mechanism, leveraging HOCl, swiftly attacks and destroys bacteria cells, preventing the release of hazardous hydrogen sulfide gas.
  • Worker Safety: Amidst numerous on-site hazards, Hydrolyte ensures safety, free from VOCs and toxic chemical risks.
  • Environmentally Friendly: Hydrolyte poses no environmental concerns, fostering a more eco-friendly operation.
  • On-Site Generation: Explore on-site biocide generation systems, reducing reordering hassles and enhancing day-to-day processes.

Super-Catholyte: Igniting a Revolution in Oil Recovery

In the oil and gas industry, Catholyte Zero‘s application extends beyond general cleaning. Super-Catholyte, a high pH, environmentally safe, non-toxic surfactant, assumes a pivotal role in drilling fluids. Its capacity to stabilize hydrostatic pressure and reduce friction during drilling enhances efficiency, prolonging the life of drill bits and tubulars. In secondary and tertiary recovery, Super-Catholyte reduces interfacial tension, heralding a new era of production efficiency.

On the Horizon: Paving the Way for a Greener Tomorrow

21st Century Energy Solutions spearheads electrolysis-driven biocides and surfactants, ushering in an era of environmentally conscious oil and gas operations. Their biodegradable products break down into salt and water, ensuring safety for workers and minimal environmental impact. As major producers explore on-site generators, the vision of sustainable and efficient oil recovery becomes a tangible reality.

In conclusion, the fusion of science and sustainability defines 21st Century Energy Solutions’ approach. Their array of solutions, from HydrolyteⓇ combating H2S to Super-Catholyte optimizing oil recovery, signifies a shift towards greener, safer, and more efficient oil and gas operations. Embrace the power of electrolysis for a future where energy extraction and environmental responsibility walk hand in hand.