Innovating Well Remediation for Sustainable Oil and Gas Practices

Ensuring the longevity and safety of well sites is a growing concern for the oil and gas industry. 21st Century Energy Solutions is leading the charge in providing responsible and efficient well cleanup strategies, offering groundbreaking solutions in well remediation.

A Comprehensive Approach to Well Cleanup


From the initial creation of a well to its final cleanup, maintaining a safe and productive well site is imperative. 21st Century Energy Solutions collaborates with companies, providing not only highly effective well cleanup operations but also simplifying and greening the process. Our anolyte and catholyte solutions, tailored for environmentally conscious production companies, address critical challenges in well remediation.

Well Cleanup Focus Areas

Well cleanup involves various tasks, and 21st Century Energy Solutions products seamlessly integrate into multiple aspects, serving as supplemental fluids that enhance and accelerate the process. These fluids have unique molecular makeups, improving safety, preventing bacterial contamination, and increasing crude purity in well extraction.


Hydrolyte® in Action for Well Cleanup


During the well cleanup phase, Hydrolyte takes center stage by efficiently killing harmful bacteria. Its primary application is eradicating bacteria responsible for producing hydrogen sulfide, a hazardous gas at well sites. Hydrolyte not only prevents respiratory issues but also safeguards drilling equipment, ensuring longevity and efficiency. Liberally used during well cleanup and drilling, it maintains a controlled, safe work environment.

Super-Catholyte Enhancing Well Cleanup

Super-Catholyte emerges as a versatile solution, disrupting surface tension during well cleanup and aiding in secondary and tertiary oil recovery. Its effectiveness in increasing crude accessibility and lifting debris to the surface makes it a valuable addition to drilling fluids. Super-Catholyte contributes significantly to the overall cleanliness and quality of the wellbore.


Adding Efficiency to Drilling Fluids


The application of Hydrolyte and Super-Catholyte in well cleanup includes various specific roles. Hydrolyte supplements drilling mud, attacking bacteria downhole and preventing the emission of hydrogen sulfide gas. This combined approach enhances the wellbore’s quality and cleanliness. Super-Catholyte breaks up surface tension, proving valuable in drilling muds, making the drilling process more effective and efficient.

The Distinct Advantages of 21st Century Energy Solutions

Choosing 21st Century Energy Solutions for well remediation provides a unique blend of power, sustainability, and efficiency. Hydrolyte and Super-Catholyte, apart from their environmental safety, require no special personal protective equipment (PPE) during use. They produce no harmful fumes or volatile organic compounds (VOCs), ensuring the well site’s safety above and below the surface.

These fluids play a pivotal role in removing hydrogen sulfide from the equation, preserving employee health and preventing equipment corrosion. Super-Catholyte’s ability to enhance oil recovery significantly increases the percentage of crude extractable from a given site, with better purity and market value. In a dynamic industry, 21st Century Energy Solutions offers cutting-edge solutions for responsible, efficient, and sustainable well cleanup.