My company has owned and managed a lease in the Oil Creek Formation in OK since 2007. Historically, when we complete a new well they predictably come in producing right at 5bbls/d. Towards the end of November 2022, we completed well #19 and opened it for about a week. The well came in right at 5bbls/d. Exploring economically viable remedial stimulation options, I was introduced to 21st Century Energy Solutions, Inc., who have operations in Holdenville, OK with Maverick Energy Services. After discussions and planning with their senior petroleum engineer and Doug Humphreys, President of Maverick, we treated #19 with Super-Catholyte® from 21st Century Energy.

We shut in the well for three days and opened it for production. After some clean out work on day 1, day 2 produced 15bbls of oil and 15bbls of water. Day three production was 30bbls of oil and no visible water. That consistent production of 30bbls/d with no visible water has held from December 4th, 2022 through July of 2023. August and September have shown a small decline but still above 25bbls/d, no water.

I have found the people at 21st Century Energy, Maverick Energy and everyone associated with them to be good partners. They are honest and shoot straight. Their products are friendly to the environment, non-hazardous, highly effective and affordable for small and mid sized producers like me.

I am completing #19 soon and I will be working with this team again. I would not say “Give them a call” if my heart and my run tickets didn’t back me up. Give them a call.

John E.
Murray County, OK