Reducing Waste and Carbon Footprint In Oil And Gas Production With 21st Century Energy Solutions' LV4 Unit

In operations across all types of industries, reduction of waste and carbon footprint are major topics of research. Within oil and gas production, 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. offers a major advantage for sites looking to implement powerful, environmentally conscious, and low toxicity solutions to minimize hydrogen sulfide and maximize the purity of oil sold to pipelines and refineries. With the LV4 unit, companies can reduce costs by producing OSG C 104 biocide and Catholyte Zero surfactant on demand, eliminating the logistics involved with bulk ordering and greatly reducing waste production.


Stay Ahead of Bacteria with 21st Century Energy Solutions' Agile On-Site Generation Units

Variable Fluid Production

The elimination of bacteria, both in downhole and equipment cleaning applications, is not a consistent activity across the life cycle of an oil production site. There are periods of heavy use to combat concentrations of bacteria during the preproduction and early production phases of a well, but after that, a crew may only use OSG C 104 biocide on an occasional basis. By moving the on-site generation units to different wells based on their positions in the life cycle and their need for biocide and surfactant products, companies can keep this important element of their business agile and incredibly cost-effective.

Revolutionizing Oil Production With On-Site Generation of OSG C 104 Biocide And Catholyte Zero Surfactant

On-site generation of OSG C 104 biocide and Catholyte Zero surfactant from bacteria reduction to surfactant enhanced production represents a revolutionary change in an area of the oil production process that has traditionally posed a number of serious challenges to the industry. Onsite generation of OSG C 104 biocide on demand makes it possible to kill bacteria causing hydrogen sulfide maximizing profits. Disinfection of fracking water facilities creates a healthier environment for the surrounding population. Our biocide does not contribute to groundwater contamination or releases any toxic fumes into the air. Easy access to Catholyte Zero surfactant allows for a quick introduction to formations in order to reduce the surface tension of connate water maximizing production.

A Revolutionary Change-img


By eliminating plastic containers used in bulk fluid delivery and remaining independent from potential supply chain disruptions, oil and gas companies that use the LV4 on-site generation unit reduce their impact on the environment.



Generating fluids on demand allows crews to avoid storing fluids, dealing with overstock/understock issues, and transporting fluids in bulk from one site to another. The on-site unit is compact and easy to store when not in use, and can quickly be brought online to produce fluids at the correct time and in the correct amounts.



The largest gain for companies that use the on-site generation units to produce biocide and surfactant products from 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. is improved product quality. By efficiently killing bacteria that causes H2S and by quickly dispelling connate water within formations, crews end up with higher production that is purer and higher in value to pipelines and other purchasers.