Revolutionize Your Well Operations with Advanced Hydrogen Sulfide Removal by 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc.

Dealing with hydrogen sulfide (H2S) during oil extraction poses complex challenges ranging from health hazards to financial implications. 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc., a leading hydrogen sulfide removal company, offers a comprehensive H2S removal system, featuring Hydrolyte and Catholyte Zero, designed to efficiently address these challenges. Dive into the innovative solutions that have reshaped well operations across the southwestern United States.


Prioritize Safety and Oil Quality with Hydrolyte and Catholyte Zero


The primary concern in oil extraction is the health and safety of employees exposed to hydrogen sulfide (H2S). Hydrolyte and Catholyte Zero are fast-acting solutions that neutralize H2S, preventing its emission and safeguarding respiratory systems. Unlike chemical-based alternatives, these treatments go beyond typical hydrogen sulfide treatment, eliminating volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and quaternary ammonium compounds (quats), prioritizing long-term health and safety.

Protecting Workers On Site with Advanced Hydrogen Sulfide Reduction

While personal protective equipment (PPE) and OSHA protocols are crucial, early hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal is key to minimizing health threats. Hydrolyte and Catholyte Zero efficiently combat bacteria producing H2S, preventing its release into the environment. The absence of VOCs and quats sets these solutions apart, ensuring a safe and healthy atmosphere for workers.


Oil Quality Enhancement Through Effective Hydrogen Sulfide Removal


Beyond safety, Hydrolyte and Catholyte Zero contribute to enhanced oil quality. Applied at the well location, these solutions treat oil, reducing hydrogen sulfide (H2S) levels before refining. This not only increases the sale price of the product but also eliminates the need for additional H2S removal treatments. The result is a simple, effective, and cost-saving application benefiting the entire oil production process.

Streamlined Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Process with On-Site Generation

21st Century Energy Solutions Inc., as a pioneering hydrogen sulfide removal company, goes a step further by enabling on-site generation of OSG C 104 biocide. This proprietary equipment produces biocide on demand, minimizing supply chain dependence, and reducing waste during the hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal process. On-site generation is compact, efficient, and environmentally conscious, aligning with the company’s commitment to sustainability.


Localized Depots and Efficient On-Site Generation


Establishing depots in Holdenville, OK, and Midland, TX, 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. is committed to localized on-site generation of ECA Anolyte and ECA Super Catholyte fluids. Additional depots in Oklahoma and Texas are in progress. The on-site generation equipment is designed for easy installation, providing quick access to disinfecting and cleaning fluids without the logistical challenges of bulk product storage.

Sustainable Hydrogen Sulfide Removal with Reduced Environmental Impact

Choosing on-site generation over bulk product storage significantly reduces waste, eliminating wood pallets, plastic containers, and plastic wrap associated with bulk fluid delivery. Reusable containers further reduce the carbon footprint, promoting an environmentally friendly hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal solution. Moreover, PCT’s solution is free of VOCs and quaternary ammonium compounds, maintaining a healthy atmosphere for well employees.

In conclusion, 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. stands at the forefront of innovation, offering advanced hydrogen sulfide (H2S) removal solutions that prioritize safety, enhance oil quality, and streamline the removal process. Experience a new era of well operations with sustainable and efficient solutions designed to meet the evolving needs of the oil and gas industry.



Our process begins with obtaining a thorough understanding of the well’s current production, quality of crude oil extracted, and levels of bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide. With this information, our experts begin to evaluate how the products and equipment from 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. can solve the issues present.



In the initial batch treatment, our environmentally friendly, highly effective biocide is pumped into the well and applied to all affected areas in order to eliminate bacteria as completely as possible. The combination of our team’s expertise and the power of our solutions ensures a highly beneficial outcome.



21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. continues to monitor levels and apply hydrogen sulfide removal as needed in order to ensure maximum safety and oil purity, as well as wellbore tubular and downhole equipment integrity throughout production.