Solve Your Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Challenges With 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc.

Throughout the oil extraction process, the presence of hydrogen sulfide in the product and suspended in the atmosphere at the wellsite is one of the most difficult challenges for site managers to solve. This compound poses three major categories of threats, the first and most important being the health and safety threat to employees. The second threat is the contamination of oil extracted from the well, which reduces its value and requires additional processing in order to remove hydrogen sulfide before refining. Third, the financial costs for corrosion damage and loss of tubular goods, which requires expensive recovery and replacement in the H2S removal process.


The unique hydrogen sulfide removal system offered by 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. Hydrolyte and Catholyte Zero, are fast-acting and thoroughly effective is incredibly effective at solving all of these challenges, and sites across the southwestern United States in particular have experienced drastic lowering of both employee safety risks and product contamination levels after incorporating these environmentally friendly, safe, and affordable solutions.

H2S Removal Solutions: Protect Workers On Site with Hydrolyte and Catholyte Zero by 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc.

H2S Removal Solutions by 21st Century Energy Solutions, Inc.


While the use of PPE and OSHA protocols to avoid the inhalation of hydrogen sulfide is a non-negotiable for employees at an oil well, removal of H2S as early as possible in the extraction process is the best way to minimize this health threat. The hydrogen sulfide reduction solutions offered by 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc., Hydrolyte and Catholyte Zerosup>Ⓡ, are fast-acting and thoroughly effective against the bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide as well as neutralizing the H2S, thus preventing its emission before it enters the environment and affects the respiratory systems of employees.

Hydrolyte and Catholyte Zero boast important advantages over competing chemical-based disinfectants, mainly in the absence of volatile organic compounds (VOCs) and quaternary ammonium compounds (quats) produced during use. Even disinfectants that are effective against hydrogen sulfide often produce these secondary compounds and release them into the air, where they can be inhaled by workers. Worst of all, these compounds remain in the environment for a very long time, negatively affecting workers long after the initial hydrogen sulfide threat is gone. Particularly for those who already struggle with chronic respiratory diseases or weakened immune systems, these VOCs and quats pose extremely serious long-term health risks.

Enhancing Oil Quality and Safety with Hydrolyte and Catholyte Zero Hydrogen Sulfied (H2S) Removal Solutions

While employee health and safety always come first, there is another critical advantage that Hydrolyte  and Catholyte Zero deliver for oil production operations–enhanced oil quality. These solutions can be used at the oil well location to treat product and kill bacteria, greatly reducing the amount of hydrogen sulfide present in the oil when it is sold and sent for refining. This system avoids the need for subsequent h2s removal solutions treatment and increases the product sale price, benefiting all levels of the oil production process with a simple, effective, safe, and affordable application. In some wells where recurring H2S is present in produced water during h2s removal process, there may be a need for scheduling repeat well bore applications to be performed by production personnel.

With the help of 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. oil production site managers can even produce OSG C 104 biocide on site. By using the company’s proprietary equipment to produce biocide on demand, operations further streamline their removal of H2S process and save money at multiple stages by minimizing supply chain dependence and reducing waste generation.


Additional Efficiencies in Hydrogen Sulfide Removal Process


Using the biocide products from PCT for H2S removal is safe, efficient, and highly effective. Due to its low toxicity, ECA Anolyte is very easy to use and can be applied without PPE, creating secondary yet meaningful cost savings.

We have established depots in Holdenville, OK and Midland, TX to allow for localized on-site generation of our ECA Anolyte and ECA Super Catholytefluids. Additional depots in Oklahoma and Texas are in the works.

  • Our on-site generation equipment produces ECA Anolyte and Super Catholyte on demand. The generator is compact enough for easy installation on the site, enabling managers to quickly get access to these disinfecting and cleaning fluids without the process of ordering, inventorying, and reordering product when needed.
  • Choosing on-site generation over bulk product storage greatly reduces waste. With no wood pallets, bulk plastic containers, plastic wrap, or other waste associated with bulk fluid delivery, employees can use reusable containers for disinfectant as it is generated, thus reducing the carbon footprint of the organization.
  • PCT’s H2S removal solution is free of VOCs and quaternary ammonium compounds, airborne contaminants that are of great concern when using chemical based disinfecting products. This means that the atmosphere around the well and in the living/dining/break areas of the site are kept as healthy as possible for the employees who work there every day.


Our process begins with obtaining a thorough understanding of the well’s current production, quality of crude oil extracted, and levels of bacteria that produce hydrogen sulfide. With this information, our experts begin to evaluate how the products and equipment from 21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. can solve the issues present.



In the initial batch treatment, our environmentally friendly, highly effective biocide is pumped into the well and applied to all affected areas in order to eliminate bacteria as completely as possible. The combination of our team’s expertise and the power of our solutions ensures a highly beneficial outcome.



21st Century Energy Solutions Inc. continues to monitor levels and apply hydrogen sulfide removal as needed in order to ensure maximum safety and oil purity, as well as wellbore tubular and downhole equipment integrity throughout production.