Create Greater Efficiency in Drilling and Primary Recovery

Pushing the primary recovery process to maximum efficiency is a top goal for any oil and gas production company. In addition to other factors, minimizing the presence of various contaminants and toxic gases on drilling sites can play a huge part in elevating the quality of raw product coming from those sites.

Hydrolyte® for Drilling Enhancement

Simply put, using Hydrolyte® to clean drilling equipment and applying it during the drilling process itself is the best way to kill the bacteria that contaminate raw product. These bacteria also corrode equipment, shortening its service life and leading to unnecessary expenses on the part of the company to replace it.

Your representative from 21st Century Energy Solutions can explain the many different ways in which Hydrolyte® preserves oil purity, protects your equipment, and makes your site an all around safer place to work. Schedule a consultation today to learn about this invaluable resource and how it functions in the oil and gas industry.


Low Toxicity Means High Efficiency


One of the major reasons that oil and gas production sites across the United States are choosing to use Hydrolyte® and Super Catholyte in their operations is their low level of toxicity. Generated through the electrolysis of water and sodium chloride, these products are safe for workers to use without masks, gloves, or other PPE, making disinfecting tasks more efficient than ever before.

Anolyte Biocides in Primary Recovery

21st Century Energy Solutions provides Hydrolyte®, an anolyte biocide fluid, for purchase in bulk by oil and gas production companies. This incredibly effective disinfectant kills the organisms that produce hydrogen sulfide at a drilling site, preventing this common hazard from jeopardizing the health and safety of those that work there every day.

Another option for anolyte biocide is to invest in on-site generators, which can easily be moved from site to site as needed. These machines produce biocide on demand, reducing the need to store fluids, reorder and keep sufficient stock on hand, and deal with packaging waste.


Super-Catholye Surfactant

21st Century Energy Solutions Super-Catholyte is increasingly being used during initial drilling, primary, secondary and tertiary recovery. Nontoxic, environmentally safe Super-Catholyte is a better alternative to toxic environmentally harmful products.


  • Cost effective to your site
  • PH 11+
  • Cuts production costs
  • Limits corrosion and adhesions
  • Decreases friction during the drilling process creating greater efficiency and extending the life of the drill bit and tubulars.
  • Can Stabilize hydrostatic pressure preventing formation fluids from entering into the well bore.
  • Maintains viscosity and at high temperatures for deep drilling
  • Weighting agents and clays can be added

Hydrolyte/OSG-Anolyte Biocide

21st Century Energy Solutions Hydrolyte® and onsite generated anolyte biocides are low toxic and eco-friendly. Biodegradable to salt and water our biocides are a safer alternative to more toxic products.


  • EPA Approved
  • PH neutral
  • Kills 99.9999% of labeled microbes
  • Reduce/Eliminate Microbial Contamination
  • Reduce/Eliminate biofilm increasing production
  • Eliminate Unbroken polymers
  • Efficient and effective at reducing and/or eliminating the scaling and corrosion found in production systems.
  • Allows for better flow and recovery rates reducing operating costs and equipment issues.

Using Hydrolyte/OSG-Anolyte Biocide To Remediate Hydrogen Sulfide

Hydrogen sulfide is common in the oil and gas industry. H2S is the second leading cause of inhalation deaths in the United States after carbon monoxide. Remediation of H2S is essential for employee safety, the environment, and turns sours wells into higher revenue-generating sweet wells.


  • Optimize flow performance
  • Keep the surrounding ecosystem and public safer
  • Decrease employee exposure to H2S gas
  • Reduce/eliminate the bacteria that causes hydrogen sulfide without the use of sulfur scrubbers, catalytic converters, and thermal oxidizers reducing corrosion.
  • Turns sour wells into sweet wells increasing revenue